While you keep your family’s birth certificates in the bank, you keep a copy at home.
The original you want to keep as secure as possible, yet you want access to it just in case.
Your computer data works the same way.
You want your data to always be available, yet you want a backup, “just in case” .
What’s the difference between:
(1) Google Drive, Drop Box, Box, Microsoft OneDrive
(2) Carbonite, Mozy, LionCage

Read below to see if you are backing up your data or merely synchronizing it across multiple devices with no backup plan!





What is the difference between data synchronization and data backup?

In this section we will explain data synchronization and some popular programs used.

The definition of data synchronization is as the name suggests, a method of syncing your data between multiple devices or users.

On a personal level, it allows a user to access all their documents, pictures, etc… on multiple devices at the same time – without needing to email different versions of the document or spreadsheet to your self
♦ For businesses, this allows users in multiple locations to share access to work related documents and spreadsheets without the need to constantly email out updates.
♦ Most companies provide basic storage for fee. Amount and pricing varies based on vendor.

♦ Most data sync solutions do not offer versioning. Versioning is where you can download a previous version. So if someone messes up a spreadsheet, you can always go back to yesterday’s/last week/last months version and be up and running in no time.
♦  If data gets corrupted or infected, there is no backup of your data



In this section we will explain data backup and some popular programs used.
Data backup occurs when one copies data and stores it on a different hard drive.
There are many ways this can be done.


The basic categories are LOCAL and ONLINE.

For more advanced users, there is also CLONE/IMAGING.



A local backup is when you backup your data within the same location. This means the original data and the backuped data is stored under one roof.
The common method used is an external hard drive or NAS device.
♦ Data is stored by you. Less chance of someone accessing you data while it is “in transit” between your computer and the backup server
♦ Recovery of the data is quick, since you are not relying on the Internet speeds to download the data when you really need it. (Some companies can overnight your data to you, but if you are doing a local restore, it will be completed before the CD arrives.)
♦ If fire or flood and computer gets damaged, there is a good chance the local backup will also get destroyed.
♦ Most online backups will allow you to download data from another location. Most local backup solutions do not have this feature.



An online backup is where you tell the system to either send specific files/folders or your entire computer to the cloud.
♦  No thinking involved. This is generally set to auto-backup.
♦ Versioning. How many versions vary based on the company. But they generally offer 30+ days of versioning. This is very useful for when a file gets messed up by the user or gets corrupted/infected by a 3rd party.
♦ Ability to access your data from another PC or cell phone if need a specific file or folder for viewing.
♦ Monthly or yearly fees
♦ Restore time varies based on current Internet connection
♦ Your data is stored (securely) on someone else’s server



This is when you make a “copy” of the entire hard drive as-is. Therefore, if you should need to restore your data, it will bring back everything as it was. This method includes the operating system, programs and settings.
♦ This method will completely bring back your computer, with every minute detail
♦ This method is generally the most expensive solution



Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right product for your needs … which do you choose a DATA SYNC or BACKUP solution?
The different solutions work for different needs.
The data sync solution is commonly used for people who have the need to share data and are not connected on the same local network.
Perhaps, if you are using a data sync solution you should connect it to a backup solution as well.
The data backup solution, overall, is a more secure option in protecting your data.



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