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► What should you buy?

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► What should you be aware of this holiday season?​

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The good old desktop. While it does not offer the freedom for you to take it around with you, the good news is, that they are generally found in the same place where you left it last, unlike some laptops to tend to always disappear. They generally are cheaper than their laptop equivalents and tend to have fewer coffee spills on them!




Laptops come in various sizes.

The smaller ones which used to be referred to as netbooks, are small in more ways then what meets the eye. They generally are in the 11 or 12 inch screen size range, have limited processor and memory. They are great to carry around and to take notes in class or catch an occasional show, while they don’t generally come with the CD/DVD drive (due to size limitation).

The standard is considered in the 15 inch range. These can range from $250 to over $1,000. The difference in price reflects the inside specs (size of the hard drive, amount of memory and processor speed) as well as the external features such as the touch-screen, back-lit keyboard, thinness or even something as trivial as the CD/DVD player.

The larger, 17 inch screen laptops are commonly used for those that plan on keeping the laptop stationary and would like a larger screen to work (or watch movies) on.




A Chromebook looks like a laptop, but it runs the Chrome OS as opposed to the standard Windows or a MAC operating systems.

The pros are:

► Quick boot time

► Less chances of getting infected with viruses

The cons are:

► Not able to run programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel, QuickBooks (since can only run the Chrome browser and it associated apps).




An ultrabook is a souped-up laptop. It generally is more expensive then the average laptop, some common features include:

► Thinner

► Touch screen

► Quick start-up time

► Backlit keyboard Overall, they look nicer, work better and cost more then a basic laptop.




As the name connotes, the 2-in-1 is a hybrid between a laptop and tablet. If opened regularly, it looks and acts like a regular laptop. However, when you flip the actual screen around, and close the laptop, you have a tablet in your hands.

This is a great option if you need a little of both. It will not be a perfect fit if you are looking for a souped-up laptop or an iPad.




The most common name out there today is iPad, yet there are various options available. Before purchasing your first tablet, read below to see the different options and the potential long-term effects.

iPad and iPad mini’s

► They are made by Apple.

► It runs on the iOS operating system


►They are made by various manufacturers

►They run the Android operating system

Since iOS and Android are running different operating systems, they are not interchangeable. Therefore, most people will continue purchasing future devices based on their first purchase. This rule is not set in stone, but humans are creature of habit, and stick with what they are comfortable with.

iOS system:

► Easy to use interface

► Easy synchronization between devices

Android system:

►Allows the user to customize home page(s)

►Allows widgets for speed dials, calendars, social apps, as well as some installed apps allow you to add their widget as well



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