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“Don’t worry it’s nothing” But please … don’t do anything… we mean it!
There has been a new scam going around, which gets many users very nervous. 
What is it? What should you do about it?
The latest scare  
Right after we sent out last week’s newsletter, the calls started coming in.
One customer says they see a “BSOD”, what do they do? (That generally stands for a Blue Screen of Death)
Another customer says the computer is talking to them, telling them they have a virus.
While a 3rd customer cannot use their computer, since a virus over-took her PC.
The common denominator?
They all had the exact same screen, with the same 800 number to call.
What really was happening?
They all were redirected to a webpage which displayed the “BSOD” message, had an audio playing plus a popup which cannot be closed.
How to rectify?
Do a complete reboot of your PC, and the “virus” disappears!
What should you not do?
Never click on any links or call the phone number listed.
Depending on the virus, the results will vary.
Generally if you call the number they will request to connect to your computer and show how you are infected and for a nominal fee (of whatever they want!) they will remove the “virus”. However, they generally show you items which are not truly a virus or they can install malicious software on your PC.
Curious to see what this screen looks like?
virus scare
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If you are not comfortable following these instructions, please contact us for assistance.
We take no responsibility for attempting any of the above mentioned steps or instructions.