How Does The Computer Decide Which Program Opens What File?

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file storageHave you ever wondered why the default program was the default?
Ever cleaned your house and found something where it did not belong? Where did you put it when you found it? Of course, the answer is “Where it belongs”! 
Ever wondered why Microsoft Word opens when you select a document? Or why Internet Explorer opens when you select a link and not Google Chrome?
Read below to learn about the default settings when it comes to opening different files and programs on your computer.
Every type of file is called a “file extension”. Many times, the first time you open a file extension. The program will ask you if this should be the default program for that particular file type.
What does this mean?
Let’s say you have two web browsers, Internet Explorer (IE) and Google Chrome (Chrome).
When you are in Microsoft Outlook, and you select a link, by default, IE will open with that link.
Why is that so?
By default IE is the primary browser on your computer.
What if you you want to switch the primary browser?
You can generally do it from within the browser, or Windows users can:
Select: the START button
Type: Default programs
Make the adjustments, as necessary.
With this understanding, it helps explain why…
“For no reason a different program opens when I select the file type”.
The answer generally is that, a new program was installed and accidentally a user selected “make this my default program” during the installation process.
“Whenever I put a CD or DVD into my computer, it always opens X program. Why?”
You made (accidentally or intentionally) that program the default program to open when those file types appear on the computer! This is something you can change, to the program of your liking, by following the above steps.

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