Remember how to write a letter?

While texting and social messaging is quite popular.

Email is still an integral necessity for most businesses today

Want to enhance your email experience? ​

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I look at my emails and files on my computer as I used to look at filing cabinets. Therefore, when it comes to files on the computer, I have main folders and sub folders. With the Windows search option this is not so necessary – unless you don’t remember what you called the document or picture! When it comes to emails, I have folders where I throw all my emails into. This way my inbox is clean and only what I need to do is still there, everything else is tucked away neatly.

How can you do this with your email?

Depending on the email provider and if you are using a software program to send and receive emails the actual options and steps my vary. The general idea is to create folders (and possibly sub-folders) under your “inbox”.



Ever took a day off? Closed for a holiday?

Or have way-too-many emails to respond to and more are coming in?

If this or a similar scenario happens, you can set up an auto-responder. An auto-responder, as the name implies, will automatically reply to any incoming email with a predefined email.

Please note:

► This may not work with every email client.

► Since what is actually happening is your email will actually be sending out these automated emails, your sent mail will show you all the emails you sent it to.

► Many emails people receive are from an email address which does not accept incoming emails. Therefore, you may receive bounced-back emails saying the email address does not exist.



Most email providers allow you to have an email signature.

I personally feel this is important for all business email accounts, since it allows you to send out your contact information along with every email. Depending on the email provider and the way you access your emails will determine the amount of customization within a signature.



Did you ever receive a phone call and the person is upset you did not respond to their email – yet you don’t see the email?

Perhaps the email got flagged (and filed) as junk or spam.

The solution: To check your spam folder occasionally for any important emails which accidentally ended up in the wrong folder.



There are three basic options when sending an email:

► TO – When you are sending an email directly to someone or a group of people

► CC – When you carbon copy people on an email. This is when you want certain people to be “in the know”, but not directed towards them directly

► BCC – A Blind Carbon Copy is used when you want a second person to see the email was sent to the first person, but without the first person knowing the second person received the email as well.

Some Pointers:

► Each one of these options serve different purposes. But it is important to use the correct option and to double check the correct people are being sent the email, before the email is sent!

► By default, the BCC option may be hidden at first.

► When sending out mass emails, it is generally recommended to use the BCC option so that everyone on your list does not start sending out their own emails to everyone on your list or doing a “reply all” which may upset some.



Email providers and IT directors tend to limit the size of files which can be emailed. Therefore if you need to send a large file, it may not be able to be sent as you would typically send the information over. The recommended answer is to use a product such as Dropbox or Google Drive to share the large file.


This way you are only sending an email link, not the actual data. The recipient will open the email, select the link, and be directed to the data in the cloud. The recipient may have the option to download at that point, this way the sender and the receiver do not need to worry about exceeding the send/receive limits.

Did you know…

If you are no longer able to send or receive emails, check the outbox folder for a large file which is blocking all incoming and outgoing mail.



Outlook is a software program which allows one to send/receive, write and organize emails (it also serves other functions, including but not limited to contacts and calendar functions). Each email address is really a different file. Over time, the file may get large, and slow down the user experience. Therefore you may consider the option of archiving your old emails.


Please note:

If you are not comfortable following these instructions, please contact us for assistance. We take no responsibility for attempting any of the above mentioned steps or instructions

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