Do You Trust “The Others”?

As your business grows, some things to keep in mind…
As your business grows, more employees are hired, which generally translates into an increase in the technology budget.
What are some technology-related aspects to keep in mind as the business grows?
When you started or joined the business, the office was small and you trusted the others. However, as the business grew and more employees were brought on deck, did you ever consider the potential security issues which may be creeping up on you?
How is your data stored?
When your business first started using computers, you may have had one desktop or laptop. When the second one came along, you simply shared the files. As you grew, you upgraded to a NAS device. Perhaps now it’s time to consider getting a server.
If multiple users are accessing one computer:
– It slows the computers down
– If the main computer needs to reboot, the whole office will be on hold
If multiple users are accessing a NAS device:
– It will work slightly quicker then everyone accessing a desktop
– If the drive is connected via a computer, if that computers needs to get rebooted, the whole office will be on hold
If you upgrade to a server:
– It will work faster then a computer or NAS device
– It can serve several functions above a standard computer
– You will have more control over the data
In what way will a server be faster and controlled better? You will be able to ensure that no one is able to delete anything from the server, so no more “Oops, I deleted all the corporate files!” (Please note: This is based on how your network is configured)
Plan now for later
While the office is small is the opportune time to place the correct policies in place to ensure that as you grow, the business is set up for success.
What are some policies which you may consider implementing while still small? Make sure everyone is storing data to the correct location, and that you have that location backed up in case you ever need to access it after a disaster.
Are the people in the office working efficiently?
Perhaps implementing a program to track and maintain overall status of your employees at all times will allow you to see in a snapshot how productive everyone is and how to distribute the work load more evenly. Another approach may be to install a monitoring solution on all of the office computers. Why? In case a disgruntled employee decides to “borrow” confidential information or attempts to delete data, the monitoring program will keep you updated as the action occurs.
More people, more overhead 
As a business grows, the need to centrally manage the users as well as a “real” file server turns from a luxury to a necessity. Why? A server is more secure and provides a faster connectivity then having users logged in to their individual computers and sharing an external hard drive.
Next week:
How do we apply similar concepts to the home computer? Stay tuned!

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