Can You Print/Scan From Multiple Devices?

printerDifferent ways to connect and access
Did you ever have a printer or scanner that you wanted to connect multiple computers to?
Have you ever wondered if it’s possible and what the best solution is for connecting all your printers and scanners?
What does a “USB” and “NETWORK” mean?
There are two types of printers on the market today for the average person.
The first type is a USB printer/scanner and the second type is a network printer/scanner.
The terms “USB” and “network” refer to the way we connect to the device.
A USB device means you can connect to the device with a USB plug.
A network device means you are connecting to it via a network, which can be hard-wired or wireless.


While many printers come with printing and scanning capabilities, let’s separate printers and scanners for a moment.



With a USB printer, you can only connect one computer to the printer.

With a network printer, you can connect any computer or device which is sharing the same network to the printer.

For those that have a USB printer and they want to print from multiple computers, there is a “work-around”. The work-around is by sharing the printer via the computer which it is plugged into.


With a USB scanner, you can connect one computer to the scanner. This one scanner is where the documents/images/PDF’s get stored.

With a network scanner, you can choose which computer or device on the network gets the scanned document/image or PDF.

For those using a USB scanner, once it’s scanned onto the “main” computer, you can share the folder with other computers on the network and they can access the file(s).

Is there a way to decipher a printer based on the model?
MF = Multi function
W = Wireless
D = Duplex
C = Color
N= Network

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