Ten Questions:

Faq Or Frequently Asked Questions Word On Keyboard

Ten Questions:

“My computer is not turning on”

There can be different reasons for your PC not turning on.
The first step is to make sure everything is plugged in properly.
We have found unplugging all the plugs and plugging it in is the best way to confirm everything is properly connected.

“My sound stopped working”
There are multiple reasons why your sound is not working.
Many times, it is because of a loose connection. However, the cause of the problem could also be the drivers, which generally can be repaired within 15 minutes via remote support.
“My Internet is not working”
When someone calls and says their Internet is not working, we first need to determine if it is an internal or external issue.
If it is an external issue, call your Internet carrier.
If it is an internal issue, first make sure that all the lights on your modem and routers are properly on. If all the proper lights are on, it may be a firewall issue.

“My computer suddenly slowed down”
slow A computer suddenly slowing down may be a hardware or software issue.
If it is hardware related, it would be a good time to see if you need more RAM.
If it is software related, start by checking your start-up process, and if there are any spyware/virus programs running in the background.

“My laptop screen cracked, what do I do?”
screen Laptop screens can be replaced or the data can be transferred to another computer.
To determine the correct answer, we will discuss with you what makes the most sense in your particular case.

“My computer is dead”
If the hard drive is damaged, we do data recovery to recover data. We have numerous tools, including hardware and software equipment, to recover lost data. The time it takes varies based on the extent of the damage.

“I am seeing a blue screen”
blue screen A blue screen is good and bad.
The bad is your computer has an issue.
The good news is, the blue screen informs us of what your issue is, which minimizes the repair time.

“My printer is not printing”
The first thing is to confirm everything is plugged in and is on, and then confirm the paper is properly placed in the paper tray.
The next step is to make sure you are printing to the correct printer.

“My son ripped out the keyboard keys from my laptop”
Instead of replacing individual keys on a keyboard, it is recommend to replace the entire keyboard. Last week, we replaced a keyboard, and the keyboard was only $15!

“What is remote support”
Remote support is when a technician connects to your computer remotely. This is a very good tool to use when you have a quick question, so that you don’t need to shlep your computer in! Remote support is used for businesses to do regular maintenance, and for any emergency situations. We use a secure program to ensure that all your data remains secure, as well as we can only access your computer with your permission.

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