What is Google Play?

For those who use Google products, you may have noticed a new option on the top black bar on Google’s home page, with the word “play.” For those with Android devices, you may have noticed it as well. What is it?
  Google Play is the combination of the Android Market along with Google’s books, music and movies. Until now, all Android phones and tablets (which operate under Google’s operating system) had a program called Android market. The Market was the location to purchase and download apps for the phone. Now, with the creation of Google Play, one is able to access books, music, movies as well as apps all in one location.

  Google is trying to seamlessly put together several of their products into one: Google Play. You are able to rent movies, purchase music and books as well as download apps for your Android phone. The movies, music and books are all accessible on any Internet device since the information is stored in the cloud. Therefore, you can purchase it on your desktop and read, listen or watch it on your portable device. Google Play also allows you to purchase an app, which will then appear on your Google phone or tablet.

  The concept of Google Play is entirely new for Google, since this is the first time they are targeting end users directly. With time, we will see how Google Play pans out.

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