Maximizing Your Home Network

Wi-Fi network diagram with glossy hi-tech devices


A home network is similar to an office network. It is different than an office network in that they are generally on a smaller scale.

A home network can connect all your desktops, laptops, smartphones and printers all together. By configuring the network properly, you will be able to print to the printer in the den from your laptop in your bedroom, or grab a file which you worked on your laptop when you were at work, on your main desktop at home.

Read below to see some helpful tips in setting up the network to maximize your network!



1. Need an Internet service provider
2. Need a modem to connect to the internet
3. Need a router (WiFi capability if you want to connect wirelessly) to make the network
4. Devices, such as desktops, laptops, iPads, smart phones and printers

Please note:
– Some providers combine the modem and router into one device
– You can can create a network, which will allow you to share and print within your house – without connecting to the internet
– We recommend having a router even if only connecting one device, due to security precautions.
– Always lock the WiFi on your router to prevent hackers from having easy access to your network
– Anyone on your network can access your shared files and documents


STEP #1:
Connect your devices to the router
1. Initial setup can be done via a wire or wirelessly

2. Once connected, you can set it up so that the device will automatically connect to your network (assuming the device has wireless capabilities)
– Laptops generally come with wireless cards built in
– Most (older) desktops do not have a built in wireless card, but you can add WiFi for as little as $10

3. Some printers come with built in wireless connection, so you can simply add your printer to the network.
– For non-networked printers, (a) plug the printer cable into a computer and configure the settings to allow the printer to be shared on your network and (b) the computer must be on to be able to print over the network

STEP #2:
Share the files
– Choose which users and which folders can be shared and with whom they can be shared with
– Set up the printer settings to allow it to be shared with all users on the network

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