is there a difference between backup solutions
What’s the difference?


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        OLD SCHOOL                                              old school
  How we used to back up…
  Back in the day people would manually back up their data to a tape or zip drive.
  As time progressed, many of the tapes were replaced with external hard drives or NAS devices and the process became automated.
  No longer did one need to manually hit the “back up” button, rather the backup occurred on a schedule (generally once a night).
more recently           MORE RECENTLY
  How many people back up today…
With increased Internet availability and speed, companies started offering cloud-based backups.
What is a cloud-based backup?
A cloud-based-backup is similar to the old school method, however there are two distinct improvements:
1. Location – No longer are you storing “all your eggs in one basket.” Rather than having your backup sit right next to your PC or server (and if a fire or flood strike, you lose everything) the data which is being backed up is stored somewhere else.
2. Frequency – These backups can happen quite often – actual time depends on the company. Every 10 minutes for a new document is considered standard.
Nowadays            NOWADAYS
  What you can do today…
  If your system(s) go down, your backup plans mentioned earlier will take hours to days to restore back to normal.
So what do people who want ZERO DOWNTIME do?
  Using new technology, we can instantly load an identical version of your computer or server. In case your computer or server has a hardware or software issue – or even if the entire office is under water – your computers and servers will be down for minutes, not hours or days.
This keeps your technology up and available for you and your entire office, no matter what happens to the actual computers and servers.
How cool is that:)
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