Is There a Better Way to Access All of my Emails?

E-mail Concept

Emails are stored on a server. Today we will discuss how to access those emails.

There are two main options.
Connect to your email via a web browser
Access your emails through a program (aka client) on your computer

The most common email client is Microsoft Outlook. Outlook can be used with or without an Exchange server. For many smaller businesses and home users, who do not have an Exchange server, there are several free alternatives to Microsoft Outlook.
Why do we prefer an email client?
We prefer an email client for several reasons:

  • Emails are stored locally on your PC
  • Access multiple accounts within one program
  • Ease of use
  • Increased functionality

Thunderbird, which was developed by Mozilla (the same people who developed Firefox, formerly Netscape), is one of the best alternatives to Outlook. It has a great migration assistant, powerful address book and plenty of built in security. Besides for being user-friendly, it works across all platforms including Mac and it connects to Exchange.
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Zimbra Desktop
Zimbra does not easily connect to Exchange, which, if you are using email for home or small business use, won’t affect your decision making. Zimbra allows you to connect multiple email accounts, social (Facebook and Twitter) accounts and documents all in one program. Mac users will be happy to hear there is Mac download as well. Those who use Zimbra love it for these and many other conveniences which Zimbra provides… for free!
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Claws Mail
Claws Mail, like Zimbra, does not support Exchange. However, for those who are not using Exchange, Claws Mail is a hot pick. Claws Mail has one of the fastest start times for email clients, a nice amount of plug-ins, supports SSL over POP3 and makes new users as well as power users satisfied customers.
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eM Client
According to eM Client’s website, they are the “fastest desktop email for Windows”. eM Client is able to run on Windows XP, Vista and 7. It can connect to third-party email servers such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. The calendar is able to sync with your Gmail account. The downside is it cannot connect to Exchange, but for many users the feature-rich, easy to use email client is a solid option.
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Pegasus Mail
Is old good? In this case it might be! According to Pegasus Mail’s website, it is the “Internet’s longest-serving PC e-mail system”. Many people might think that new is better, however, they claim to protect you from all HTML-borne viruses and exploits – and that is no easy feat!
The downside is it does not connect to Exchange – but with rigid standards of Pegasus, it might be an option to explore.
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