Ever wondered what ActiveX is?


Where does ActiveX control appear?

ActiveX appears when going to certain websites, before the website completely opens up.

What is ActiveX?

ActiveX is Microsoft’s way of running a program in a web browser.

What does it do?

Giving an ActiveX control permission to run means that this program will have access to your drive and get around your web browser’s protection.

When should you allow it?

Only allow it if you know that the ActiveX control is not malicious. They will usually pop up with the name of the author of the control. Never run an unsolicited request to run ActiveX controls. If you weren’t expecting it, then it’s likely a safe choice NOT to run it.

Why do websites need to run ActiveX?

The idea is that a web browser should never allow drive access to a web program, however that severely limits functionality.
ActiveX enhances your browsing experience by allowing animation or it can help with tasks such as installing security updates at Microsoft Update.

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