Congrats on the new device. Read below on how to set it up!


After all the “major” sales this past weekend, we have received numerous calls on how to setup the new computer and what else you may need to purchase.

► What to install?

► What to update? How to update?​​

Read below to maximize your technological experience!



Many times we are asked “When you purchase a new computer, does it come pre-installed with all the software I may need?” Unfortunately, the computers generally come with the Windows operating system and that’s it. Therefore you may want to install:

► Anti virus software

Free: Avast, AVG, Microsoft Defender comes free with Windows 8, and you can download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7

Paid: Norton, McAfee



► Microsoft Suite

(1) Word, Excel, PowerPoint

(2) Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Click HERE to see all current options


Browsers (besides for Internet Explorer)

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome


Remote access (to access this computer from your home or office)

Free: TeamViewer (for home use)

Paid: LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, Remote Desktop


​► Business Software

QuickBooks, Quicken, ACT ​


Games ​​


Filtering/ Monitoring

Filter: K9, VCF. NativUSA

Monitor: Spector Soft, Web Chaver



Now that you have all the programs on the new computer, is there anything which needs to be updated?

The computer was set up a while back in the factory, and therefore even the basic system requires updates.

► Windows Operating System

Search for “windows updates”​ via start button on a Windows 7 PC or the search bar on a Windows 8 PC > Select “Check for updates” > Select “Install Updates”

► Anti virus software

Varies based on software


Go to > Select “Free Java Download” > Agree and Start Free Download > Run download > Follow prompts. We recommend to uncheck the ASK toolbar > Run the Java version tester to confirm you have the latest version


Please note:

If you are not comfortable following these instructions, please contact us for assistance. We take no responsibility for attempting any of the above mentioned steps or instructions

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