Conflict of Interest?


Ever saw two cars fight for a parking space?

Ever saw a computer crash?

What’s the connection?

Read below to understand why your computer may be over-working!​



When your computer starts “acting up”, the first thing the doctor will ask is “has anything changed recently”?

Many times, a computer user will have installed a new program (or upgraded an old one) which will interfere with another program. When these programs “fight” for the same space on the computer, it causes it to slow down or crash.


Can it be avoidable?

Not always can you know what will interfere with what. But the knowledge of what may have caused it is half the battle!


Why is it happening? Now what?

Now that you narrowed it down, it’s most probably software which affects other aspects of your computer besides the program itself. For example, an antivirus program is blocking your backup or filtering software.


The technical explanation is…

Many times, the anti-virus program also controls the firewall. The firewall is what allows/blocks access to the computer. Therefore if a program needs access the web, yet the firewall is blocking it, the computer will go into over-drive as they both fight for the same location on the computer.


Now what?

Many times, the fix is by going into your firewall and allowing the program which is getting stuck an “exception pass” so that they no longer spend all day fighting.


Please note:

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