Backup Planning

Multiple Wired To Backup

“Failing to Plan, Is Planning to Fail.” – Winston Churchill (during WWII)


Do you need to have a backup?

We cannot stress the importance of having a backup. Creating a backup or copy will ensure you still have those files if the unfortunate happens to your computer. Depending on the type of backup, it can back up files, programs and/or personal settings.


Are there different approaches in backing up your data?

 YES! There are numerous options.

The breakdown is as follows:

– Local backup

– Online backup

– Imaging

– Mirroring of the hard drive



What is a local backup?

 A local backup is where you plug an external hard drive in to your computer, or network and you either manually do backups, or you set it to automatically take backups.



– Faster restore time

– Data does not leave office



– If room is destroyed, so is your backup

– Chance hard drive of backup will crash unless further action is taken (i.e. use a mirrored external device)



What is an online backup?

An online backup can be set up to back up your documents as often as you are writing them, or simply once a day.



– Multiple copies of same information

– Access remotely

– No hardware fees



– Monthly fee

– Information is going over the internet



What does imaging mean?

Imaging a hard drive is when an exact copy of your entire hard drive is taken and saved.



– All settings are saved as they are now

– Quick recovery time



– Image is only as updated as the last time it was cloned

– Hard drive can fail

– Image can be misplaced

– Image can be destroyed with actual computer



What is mirroring? 

Mirroring is when you have two identical hard drives in your desktop. One has the actual information which is being used, and the other simply makes a copy of the first hard drive on a constant basis.



– Instantaneous copy

– Decreased down time



–  If desktop gets destroyed, so does mirrored hard drive



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