All About Laptop Batteries

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Many times we are asked:
– Why does a laptop battery die so quickly?
– How can I extend the life of my laptop battery?

Read below to see some quick tips to help preserve your battery life!


TIP #1:
Defrag Regularly
Defragragging your computer will clean up the bits of data all over your hard drive. By cleaning up your hard drive, your hard drive will not have to work as hard, thereby saving battery power.

TIP #2:
Lowering Screen Brightness
By lowering the brightness on your screen – as well as modifying your CPU and cooling settings – you can save battery power.

TIP #3:
Close Opened Programs
By closing programs which are running in the background, you will lower the load on your CPU, which will then lower your drain on the battery. Some programs which you might want to close are: Itunes and Desktop Search.

TIP #4
External Devices
All USB devices (unless they have their own power supply) will be powered from the computer. Therefore, when running on the battery, it is not recommended to have extra items plugged in.

TIP # 5:
Choose The Hard Drive
If you have the choice to run a program off of your hard drive or a CD/DVD, you are better off with your hard drive since the CD/DVD drive will constantly need to spin.
Another juice saving recommendation, is to remove any CD or DVD from the drive, when you are not using the CD or DVD.

TIP #6:
Battery Maintenance:
– Do not leave a charged battery unused for an extended period of time.
– Do not let a battery (Li-On) drain completely.

TIP #7:
Standby saves power, however hibernate saves your PC state, yet it completely shuts it down – which obviously saves more battery life!

TIP #8:
Keep It Clean:
Make sure the vents on your laptop are clear. You can clean the vents with a cloth or a keyboard cleaner.

TIP #9:
Power Settings:
Go to POWER OPTIONS (located in the CONTROL PANEL) and adjust your settings to optimize your power usage.

TIP #10:
Location, Location, Location:
Always keep your laptop on a hard surface. This is to prevent it from overheating.

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