6 Steps On How To Prepare For The Upcoming Snow

Blizzard Fast Approaching

How to protect your data with the upcoming snow storm ​

Before we begin:

Before we discuss the technology, make sure you are properly stocked up and prepared yourself with adequate food, water, batteries/flashlights and medicine.

Your Technology:

1. Move them away from wet (or potential) wet areas

Generally speaking, lift your servers and PC’s off the floor if you on the ground or basement levels and make sure all the windows are closed before you leave today.


2. Ensure backup is completed as soon as possible

Sometimes the backup program gets stopped, and you do not want to find out after the storm. Check right now!


3. Log into backup and make sure you are able to access your data

While it may say the backup is complete, doing a quick test run on one or two documents or folders is a great idea. Five minutes now can save you five days of data recovery tomorrow!


4. Confirm Servers and PC’s are plugged into surge protectors/ battery backup devices

A surge protector will protect your computer from getting “fried” if there is a power surge. A battery backup will keep your computer on in case of power failure. Perhaps you needed the surge or battery backup once and now your server or PC is plugged into the outlet without the extra measures of protection. Check now! You don’t want to find out after the storm!


5. Test remote software, so that you can work from home tomorrow

Want to work from home later today or tomorrow? Confirm your remote connection is up and running. There are several options to choose from, some free and some require a subscription. If you do not have it set up yet, call today to get it setup before the storm!


6. Laptops

Laptops which wont be needed, should be unplugged and placed in safe locations. Laptops which will be remotely connected to during and after the storm should also be plugged in with a surge protector.



Please note:

If you are not comfortable following these instructions, please contact us for assistance. We take no responsibility for attempting any of the above mentioned steps or instructions

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