Family safety tips – Do I need a filter on my Internet?


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Do I need a filter on my Internet?

Are users – in your home of office – wasting time on the computer?

Are they going places they shouldn’t?

Do you sometimes wish you could get off of the internet?

Perhaps you should consider getting a filter for your computer!

Are there different types of filters?

Yes. There are 3 different ways to filter a computer:

(1) Server based

(2) Software based

(3) Router based

What is server based filter?

A server based filter is a filter where the individual computer is connecting to a server. Once connected to the server, the server decides which sites should be allowed and which ones should not be allowed.

ADVANTAGE: User cannot make any changes to the settings.

DISADVANTAGE: If a change is needed, it can take several days until the system is updated.


What is a software based filter?

A software based filter is a program installed on the individual computer.

ADVANTAGE: Administrator of account can make changes as needed

DISADVANTAGE: Need to install on each compute


What is a router based filter?

A router based filter is a hybrid between server and filter based filters. It is similar to a server based filter in that it protects the entire network all at once, yet the administrator can make changes to the settings instantly.

Want to know how the filters

actually filter?

Or how customizable a filter can be?

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